The 10 most relevant chatbot statistics of 2020

Oct 28, 2020 3:10:13 PM
Of course we at OOXOO are a huge fan of the possibilities of chatbots. But research also increasingly shows that chatbots are more and more widely usable and suitable for businesses and organizations.
We have listed the 10 most relevant numbers of 2020:
  1. Saving costs. With chatbots, companies and organizations can save up to 30% of their customer service costs.
  2. Continues improvement. 27% of consumers did not know whether their last contact with a helpdesk was with a chatbot or a real human being.
  3. Always open for business. More than 50% of consumers expect a company to be available 24/7.
  4. Need for speed. An employee typically answers within 12 hours on average. A chatbot within 1 second. 
  5. Keep prospects on your website. If customers can't find an answer on a website within 2 minutes, they leave. 
  6. Faster processing of complaints. 90% of companies experience a faster processing of complaints due to the usage of chatbots.
    (MIT Technology Review)
  7. Save time. Chatbots can answer up to 80% of the standard questions.
  8. Preferences change. 70% of the customers prefer chatting to calling with a servicedesk.
  9. The rise of chatbots. 35% of the consumers have already made purchases with the help of a chatbot.
  10. Daily usage. 40% of the 18- to 34 year olds (millennials) chat with a chatbot daily.


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